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They say, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  While the original author of this quote is yet to be determined, one cannot deny the fact that it is absolutely true.  When one speaks of passion, everything seems enjoyable.  Even the labor pains of growth will mean so much to you.  Another wonderful thing that comes out from the work of your hands is the quality of your work.  It will always be another moment for you to express what you love thus always making it great.  It is unfortunate that not a lot of people get to embrace this ever relentless calling.  However, in the case of Fritz Ayuste Pe Benito, Owner of Kareha Autoworks, he did.

Fritz Ayuste Pe Benito started Kareha Autoworks because of a hobby and an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm.  It is an automotive repair shop and service center which seeks to provide quality service and the best solution for every owner’s needs.  They specialize in preventive maintenance, car restoration, painting, modification for daily driven cars, leisure or motor sports vehicles for optimum performance and longevity.

When you are able to make something out of passion something concrete, it becomes your pride and joy.  Therefore, Kareha Autoworks makes use of technology and applies the latest methods only to provide its customers with the best automotive service there is.  It is only fitting that Kareha Autoworks always try to find the best way to serve their customers since Mr. Fritz Ayuste Pe Benito’s goal is to make sure he receives a smile from each client.  And in order to achieve that, he believes that top-notch customer service and satisfaction is the key.

Undoubtedly, they are consistently working towards quality service as evidenced by all the awards and recognition they have received.  They have won twice as Class B Drag Racing Champion, 2013 Intermediate Modified Class B Category Champion CDO and Team K Racing Class B Champion last Araw ng Dabaw March 2018.  Only excellence will stem out of a wonderfully-driven passion.  So let us allow Fritz Ayuste Pe Benito’s success to inspire us to find out what we are meant to do so that we may never work a day in our life.