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Who wouldn’t want to be in on a little secret, right? Everybody wants in on something that only a few people know. It kind of makes you feel special, doesn’t it? Araceli Ayuste of Punta del Sol Group of Companies wants to give you just that.

Davao City has been known to provide the best beaches available right at the very tip of your fingertips. This majestic island is better known as Samal Island. As a matter of fact, because of the high demand from adventure-seeking tourists a lot of inland tours have sprouted to satiate their desires. The only downside to this is that sometimes beaches can get a bit crowded. But you don’t have to worry; Araceli Ayuste will tell you what is not mostly known. In the very beautiful Talikud Island lies a beautiful 160- meter of white sand beach called La Isla Bonita Beach Resort. This little paradise is slowly gaining popularity especially because it is one of the stops of the “Talikud Island Inland Tours”.

Isla Bonita has everything you dream about, a relaxing scenery of the mesmerizing blue waters, a rich flora and fauna of the underwater kingdom, a beautiful sunrise and a beautiful sunset, comfortable accommodation, excellent service and of course the most flavorful Filipino and international dishes that will make your mouth water.

At present, the resort is still a long way from the heavenly vision that Araceli Ayuste of Punta del Sol Group of Companies wants to acquire for the resort and its development is currently underway. However, I believe that the rawness of the beauty of the resort and the people in it are more than enough to allow you to have a relaxing and soothing memorable experience. It will definitely help recharge your mind, body and soul. A proof of this is that most guests would even request to stay longer at Isla Bonita than any other part of the tour. Once you get a whiff of this little piece of heaven, you’d never want to leave. So, what are you waiting for? Visit this secret paradise before everyone discovers this special place everyone will truly treasure.

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