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Araceli Ayuste continues to support the Dabaonon culture as she helped judge the Kadagayaan Festival 2013 Government Employees Got Talent contest in celebration of the 46th Araw ng Davao del Norte.  The theme of the said event was “Kulturang Dabaonon: Paghinumdum, Paghanduraw, Pagtahod (Dabaonon Culture: Remember, Reminisce, Respect).”   It seeks to bring the new generation into consciousness of the need to explore and look back into the rich Dabaonon culture.

Today, everybody is so immersed in the internet that the whole world seems small and you get a taste and can even be influenced by other cultures around the globe.  However, we must always remember that we must trace back to our roots.  We always need to look back at what makes us Filipinos and more importantly Dabaonon.  There are inherent traits which are attributed to us that we can be certainly be proud of such as being resilient, happy and hospitable amongst others.  Therefore, it is only right that we draw back to those traits and make sure it doesn’t get lost amidst all the intercultural immersion we all experience.

Kadagayaan Festival 2013 Government Employees Got Talent contest certainly became a platform for all of that.  Not only was it a chance for everyone to increase consciousness into the new generation but it was also an avenue to uplift the spirits of everyone during the celebration.  It was amazing to see all the superb talent that these seemingly simple government employees had under their sleeves.  It was such a breath of fresh air to see everyone just enjoying and showcasing what they could do beyond sitting behind a desk.  Though there was an outpour of talent, the LGU band of the municipality of Kapalong emerged as champs as they brought the house down with an OPM medley and the Municipal Band of Asuncion and the Sto. Tomas Fire Ball won second and third place respectively.

The award and cash prize were awarded by Araceli Ayuste herself along with with Governor Rodolfo Del Rosario and Vice Governor Baby Suaybaguio.  It was indeed a night to remember as everyone honored their heritage, culture and the essence of being Dabaonon.