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Empowering Local Communities and Touching Lives

Our heart lies in equipping individuals with the right tools to collectively build better communities, to help train and develop skills for a more sustainable livelihood, and to make pathways for locals to gain a better quality of life.


Fritz Pe Benito’s Driving Passion and Winning Moment

They say, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  While the original author of this quote is yet to be determined, one cannot deny the fact that it is absolutely true.  When one speaks of passion, everything seems enjoyable.  Even...

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Araceli Ayuste Deems Dadatan Bat Cave A Bat Sanctuary in Talikud

Every single living thing has a unique part in our wonderful ecosystem.  And I’m not talking only about beautiful flowers, the beautiful canopy of trees or cute terrestrial and aquatic animals.  I also would like to stress that even creepy crawlies like worms, bugs,...

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One of Talikud Island’s Treasures As Told by Araceli Ayuste

Who wouldn’t want to be in on a little secret, right? Everybody wants in on something that only a few people know. It kind of makes you feel special, doesn’t it? Araceli Ayuste of Punta del Sol Group of Companies wants to give you just that. Davao City has been known...

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Mindanao Tourism Council’s Partnership with Lianga

A great leap towards a clear program for tourism in Lianga, Surigao del Sur was made possible on October 2017. This official partnership is truly a first and is one for the history books. The Mindanao Tourism Council with the presence of its President and Chief...

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